Cleaning Works

Cleaning of facades of buildings at the moment is relevant and popular service, since it is often the situation when Windows does not provide for the construction of their opening or window washing facades difficult. In addition, for the care of the building and to bring it into proper form, is the best suited cleaning service facades. First of all, this applies to high-rise buildings, faced with glass. It is worth noting that the cost of cleaning the facades of buildings depends on many factors, ranging from the height at which the work must be carried out, the degree of contamination, and the last view of the building facing material. Furthermore, there are significant differences depending on the choice of detergent. Our work on cleaning the facades are made using rope access techniques, using aerial platforms, forest tour. Our company provides a free visit of a specialist on the subject, which will be able to assess the degree of contamination of the site of the facade, the complexity of work performed, select detergents and cleaning products for the facade and determine the exact cost of future work. What facades we wash, we clean? Our experts carried out washing and cleaning the facades of various types. We wash the glass, brick, concrete facades, facades with plastic coated, plastered and painted facades and many others, including non-standard types of facades. Washing, cleaning plastered or painted facades Cleaning of buildings, facades plastered or painted, is a delicate operation, because the careful and professional selection of chemical detergents. Washing of facades should be carried out with skill, to its cover and lining have not been damaged. Our experts have a lot of experience and perform these works with a quality guarantee. Ventilated Facades In Russia, are becoming increasingly popular so-called ventilated facades. Cleaning of facades of this type is also included in the list of our services. If you want to quickly and easily to wash or clean the facade, we are at your service. Washing, cleaning the facades of non-standard surfaces. Modern fashion and imagination of architects often lead to the creation of non-standard surfaces of the facades, sometimes even no analogues. But do not worry, our professional work is carried out cleaning and cleaning facades with non-standard surfaces. For each building we show an individual approach, choosing the best option of cleaning facades. The sequence of works on washing, cleaning facades. Usually each case the sequence of work can be adjusted individually. However, there are some things that do not change. Before the start of the washing of windows and facades facade materials being tested, and then determined the most appropriate method of cleaning and necessary chemical products. After that our specialists proceed directly to the cleaning facades. First applied to the surface of the facade of the chosen cleaning agent and is left for a certain time. Thereafter, it was removed with a water jet under high pressure. When washing the windows facade usually adhere to the following sequence of actions. First, wet cleaning is carried out frames and window sills with special detergents. Next, the immediate cleaning of the glass surface of stubborn dirt, after which with the help of the cleaning solution is attached to the surface gloss windows. Completion of works is to remove detergent residues from the surface of the glass. Recommendations for the selection of detergents, cleaning agents and types of cleaning products. By the choice of detergent must be approached quite responsibly. This question combines two important factors. First potent chemicals are not safe for the environment, and secondly, for each type of material facade fits only a certain type of equipment. When using the first available detergent for cleaning facades you risk damaging its lining and shorten its life. It is therefore recommended to entrust the choice of detergent professionals with extensive experience in this matter. For example, marble, stones with a content of lime and cement-based materials are of great sensitivity to acids. For them, the best approach neutral and alkaline cleaners. Plastered facades to clean-neutral means. A granite, bricks, tiles and similar materials can be cleaned by means of weakly acidic.

Particularly relevant high-rise window cleaning in the big cities, where the level of gas contamination, air pollution is quite high, which affects not only the windows of the first floor. To perform high-altitude cleaning the windows is better to contact the company, has extensive experience in the field of window cleaning at height. Our company has a lot of orders for the washing of windows on the outside of buildings or indoors.

High-rise window cleaning

High-altitude works in our company are made using rope access techniques, using aerial platforms, forest tour.

Our company provides a free visit of a specialist on the subject, which will be able to assess the degree of contamination of the site window, the complexity of the work, pick up detergent and say the exact cost of the order.

Window washing is carried out highly-skilled industrial alpinistami.Suschestvuyut different ways of washing windows at height: with the help of avtovyshe, tour forests. But the most effective method is still a window washing industrial climbers. Among the main advantages for cleaning windows isolated climbers: the ability to get into hard to reach places, portability and low cost compared to the use of expensive equipment. The use of rope access will allow for cleaning windows as soon as possible.

The sequence of window cleaning, followed by our climbers:

1) Before the climbers washing the windows surface preparation: the surface was cleaned from any kind of contamination, remove the traces of paint, cement, etc. Cleaning is done mechanically by means of special scrapers, blades or potent chemicals.

2) Climbers already carried out sink.

Sink carried out both manually and pressure washers. When washing windows Climbers hand washing solution is first applied, and then the surface of the windows clean with a sponge or a coat.

3) After the window cleaning exercise their drying.

Drying of windows most relevant for glass facades. Drying is carried out with a rubber covering, which the climber herding suds down. Any object of window cleaning requires an individual approach to it.