Facade works

Finishing facades implies a number of measures to improve the appearance of the building.

The façade is:

- Installation of siding;
- Installation of ventilated facades;
- Decoration of facades facing products: tiles, facing bricks;
- Installation of "wet" facade.

The facade of the building - is the face of the building as well as the face of the company. In this connection it is necessary to maintain the facade of the building in good condition all year round.

Painting of fronts - it is one of the basic operations on the formation of the external appearance of the building. However, painting the house is necessary not only for its transformation in terms of appearance, but also to prevent the effects of the environment. This is especially good for large cities where the air quality is poor, and the level of its harmful effects on a variety of buildings is quite large.

Most of the facade materials have pores in its structure, which is carried out through the natural circulation of air and water vapor. But the presence of these pores is responsible for many adverse effects on the walls of the building: the emergence of mold and mildew, the appearance of efflorescence and stains, cracks. Therefore, much attention should be paid to the protection of the walls of the building.

One of the main ways to protect a painting of the facade of the building. Painting of fronts - one of the main types of facade work. The quality of performance of painting the house depends on its attractiveness and durability. In connection with this painting buildings must carry qualified professionals with extensive experience.

Our employees are high-class specialists, who perform a variety of works on painting the facades of buildings.

What we paint at the facades

We paint the facade of almost any building. Work is carried out on the color most
various fronts:

- Painting of houses of different types
- Painting work of industrial buildings and structures
- Painting facades of houses
- Painting of facades of hotels, museums,
- Painting facades shops, shopping centers
- Painting buildings pools, fitness centers and others.

The sequence of work when painting

1) Prior to painting the house, its facade, it is necessary to hold a series of preparatory activities: clean the surface of the facade from dust, dirt, loose paint (if repainting of the building).

2) Before painting the facades the primer should be applied. The primer used to improve the application of paint on the front surface of the outer walls of the building, well, and consequently to reduce the consumption of expensive façade paint.

3) Just painting the facade, which is applied over the primer paint facade.

4) When painting the house should take into account a number of features:

- Wall surface to be painted must be dry. In connection with this painting the house can not be held in the rain, and for some time afterwards.

- When stained earlier painted facade is necessary to consider the compatibility of old and new paint.

- Work on painting the house is not recommended in very hot weather, with direct sunlight.

The choice of colors and types of paint

Before you choose to paint the facade of the necessary materials for the job.

High-quality painting of facades, durability and color retention of the facade, is directly dependent on the choice of paint.

We paint the facade, using a variety of materials, picking up the necessary paint for a specific order.

Colors are divided into three main types:

- Acrylic paint
- Silicate paints
- Silicone paint

The most widely used acrylic paints. The main advantage of acrylic paints is that they do not absorb moisture from the outside, but at the same time allow to evaporate moisture inside the porous walls.

We facade paint, acrylic paint using water as the basis, and the organic solvents.

Recommendations to the customer

Many of the issues arising when painting the house, it is difficult to be solved only in a telephone conversation. In this regard, we provide our staff free travel to the site. There he will be able to estimate the volume and complexity of the work, and have to say how much it costs to paint the facade of the building.

Our specialists work on painting the facades of the building in the shortest possible time with the right quality, at the same time we offer quite low prices.

The company "AlpMaster" performs full range of works on repair of building facades.

painting facades

We choose paint tinting perform, prepare the surface fasadak altitude painting

(a small amount of plaster, putty, priming the surface).

Cosmetic facades

Cosmetic apply if you have a need to update the state

Your facade, but still far overhaul.

Overhaul of the facade of the building

Overhaul - along with standard methods, such as working with forest tour

Applicability technology rope.

Finish facades

During installation of ventilated facades, decoration tiles, siding installation, etc.

Repair work on sealing the joints interpanel facades

We carry out repair work on sealing the joints of the building, the individual

Apartments problematic joints on the facade.

The company "AlpMaster" produces the following kinds of works on sealing, waterproofing and repairing windows and translucent facades:

- sealing windows and glazing;
- Sealing the translucent facades.

Sealing windows and translucent facades

Performance time: Sealing windows for private customers is carried out throughout the day. With a large volume of works term of performance of works on the sealing of windows installed after an inspection of the object.

Weather restrictions: Works by sealing the windows are held in dry weather with no precipitation. In the winter time work is carried out at a temperature no lower than 15 degrees.

Sealing high-rise buildings, in case it becomes necessary to sample at high altitude in the great length of the rope, the work is not conducted in the days with gusty winds.

The company "AlpMaster" produces work on sealing, repairing and waterproofing balconies.

Because usually access to the roof terrace is complicated, we use a method of industrial mountaineering, which allows to perform safely and efficiently repair, sealing, waterproofing balconies.

Type of work on sealing, repairing and waterproofing balconies

The company "AlpMaster" carry out such work on sealing, repair
and waterproofing of balconies:

Sealing balconies and roof waterproofing balconies

Eliminating leaks roofing and walls balconies, loggias, jointing,
micro- and macro-cracks, crevices, comprehensive waterproofing balconies and roofs.

Sealing balconies

Sealing cracks, voids, cracks acrylic and polyurethane one and
two-component sealants.

Sealing balcony (stalactites, flashings, glazing)

Eliminating leaks, sealing and waterproofing of flashings, glazing,
stalactites, sealing and repair cracks in the walls and between the elements.

How to determine the amount of work on sealing the joints interpanel apartments

The scope of work is determined on the basis of the type series of the building.

For example, the amount of work to repair the panel seams 2-room apartment 30 linear meters, if end 2-bedroom apartment, the amount of work is 45 meters running.

To two-bedroom model apartment of 45 linear meters and 60 meters to end the 3-room apartment.

When a selective sealing of individual sections of inter-panel joints scope of work is set after the examination of the object or on the fact of work.

When sealing the entire perimeter of the panel joints of the apartment, subject to sealing the top, bottom and all the side seams, and the meter from the crosshairs to other panels.