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The rise of bulky goods - one of the main directions in the activity of our company. Often lift the sofa or table top using the elevator or the stairs is not possible because of their size. In these cases, the rise of cargo carried along the outer wall of the house, and then through the window of an apartment or office. This may be used various methods: by cranes, aerial platforms, using the winch mechanism on the roof. However, the method of rope has several advantages: 1). Lifting cargo climbers will be much cheaper. 2). Lifting cargo climbers will be implemented over a shorter period of time because they do not have to spend time installing the winch mechanism or truck mounted. 3). Any object can be raised to any height, even under the difficult path due to the presence of air conditioners, canopies, outdoor advertising. Our experts will be able to promptly implement the ascent or descent of valuable cargo for you. Works are carried out using climbing equipment and blocks. All equipment is certified and designed to lift loads up to several tons. This rise is performed using all safety precautions in compliance with safety regulations. Our experts can lift any load weighing up to 800 kg. It is also possible rise objects and more weight, but subject to a number of restrictions. In the course of our work we have been raising the following items: - The rise of the furniture: cabinets, sofas, table tops and other - Lifting bath, jacousi, home appliances - Lifting doors, windows, safes The complexity of work and the cost of the order depends on several factors. These include the weight and shape of the object to be lifted, the height to which the subject will be raised, and the presence of protruding structures: canopies, outdoor units of air conditioners, antennas and others. To carry out the rise of your cargo, you need to contact us. Then, the object coming our specialist who will assess the cost of the work, the trajectory of the rise and all agree on the details of working with the customer. You must make sure that the dimensions of the window allow you to go pick up items, and also to take care of access to the roof.
Company "AlpMaster" produces the full range of overhaul of smoke and metal pipes, both inside and outside. This bulkhead tip, filling cracks, removal of old paint, protective coating, plastering, painting, replacement of clamping rings, installation of lightning protection, installation of lighting lamps. When carrying out the dismantling, demolition, painting and repair of pipes, we met with various designs of pipes. To determine the exact cost of dismantling, repair, paint tubes, usually enough telephone consultation and site visits required a specialist to clarify the scope and complexity of the planned activities. For more information about the dismantling, repair and painting of smoke and metal pipes. Dismantling, demolition, liquidation brick chimneys. Standard procedure for analysis, dismantling, demolition of a brick chimney: - The enclosure of the work area. - The device is unmounted area inside the pipe. - Dismantle clamping rings - The gradual dismantling of masonry. - Removal of the battle laying. - Removing metal pipes Removing metal pipes produced with the help of industrial climbers, if necessary, special machinery is involved. Procedure for dismantling, demolition of metal pipes: - The enclosure of the work area. - Axis, multiframe analysis of metal pipe with a gas welding and Bulgarians. - Grounds maintenance and removal of scrap. Painting of metal and chimneys, water towers. Painting of pipes produced by special temperature-resistant paints. Typically, paint striping pipes is wide strips of red and white colors. Painting is carried out in dry weather. There are several stages of painting chimneys: - Preparation of the pipe surface prior to painting (removal of old paint). - Priming pipe (applying the primer layer). - Paint two coats of a high-pressure apparatus or rollers.

The company "AlpMaster" makes the device the roof and repair all kinds of roofing. The cost of roofing is made up of the cost of roofing materials and specifically the cost of roofing. To accurately calculate Roofing to your object will arrive specialist, after examining the object and determining the list of works and materials provided to the Customer estimates.

Our company produces work with the following types of roofs:

- Roof;
- Soft membrane roof;
- Roll roofing;
- Soft tile;
- Membrane roofing.
- Metal roof:
- Seam roofing;
- Profiled;
- Metal.

Painting and installation of metal structures - these are the challenges that often face a variety of businesses. Painting of metal structures associated primarily with the desire of the owner to improve the appearance of the object, as well as protect it from the adverse effects of the atmosphere. This is particularly important for the protection of structures from rusting. Painting of metal structures We carry out painting of steel structures as the former already painted and brand new. All work carried out on the painting of steel structures have a high level of quality, worked out over the years of successful operation. If you want to paint was made using high-quality materials, then you should ask for help it to us. Painting masts and television antennas Painting masts carried out to protect the metal from corrosion and destruction, because it has on the roofs of houses and buildings and antenna masts are exposed daily to the adverse effects of precipitation, winds, high and low temperatures and sunlight. Painting farms In this case, painting the farms is one of the effective ways of fire protection of metal structures. Painting is carried out by special fire-resistant paint, which swell on heating temperature, forming a heat insulating layer. Metal farm is dangerous obkladyvat refractory layer or concrete, as this increases their weight and load. Therefore, painting the farms - the most tech and effective approach that provides several functions: aesthetic, fire-resistant and protective. Painting bridges Painting of the bridge - a way to protect heavy and dimensional structures, which, despite its strength, is still susceptible to corrosion and degradation caused by mechanical factors, and environmental conditions. Painting Bridge provides not only the painting, but also a number of preparatory activities: degreasing, corrosion treatment, cleaning of dust, dirt and salt deposits, priming and sometimes Shpatlevanie. Painting bridges made using a special climbing equipment and paints for metal, concrete, stone, the work carried out in dry, warm weather, enough to paint a tight bond with the material structures. Paint tubes Paint tubes are usually accompanied by a procedure such as chimney cleaning, because in aggregate they provide excellent protection from destruction of the pipe surface. Painting chimneys - rather complicated from a technical point of view, a process that involves the work of experienced industrial climbers. Industrial pipes have several tens of meters height and a large enough diameter, so climbers have to use Rope equipment for lowering and lifting the outside and inside of the tube. In addition, in accordance with accepted standards of safety in the operation of industrial chimneys, their painting - a mandatory procedure, since the high-rise buildings should have a special color, a stand-out in the dark and have identification strips for air transport. Painting towers Radio tower, tower communications and television towers are also subject to destructive influences of the environment, and because of its height, must be painted with reflective paint in the dark to be visible to pilots of Air Transport. Painting towers comes with extreme caution and precision, using aerial platforms or climbing equipment. In addition, we produce paint production facilities: shops, industrial areas, warehouses, etc. Industrial climbers is a quality painting chimneys and other objects in the shortest time, using the tried and tested and proven technology of color, providing good adhesion of paint to the surface of the structure. Steel erection Installation of steel is widely used in the construction of buildings and other facilities, based on designs from metal. Carrying all the work in a strictly specified time, we ensure that the installation of steel structures will meet all safety standards. We erected the object based on steel is durable and will last you for years to come, as our experts use special technology and have all the necessary skills to perform work.

The company "AlpMaster" offers organizations a contract for cleaning the roof from snow, icicles and ice dams in the autumn-winter period. Companies interested in our services may make contract, as a single job, and a permanent subscription service. In this case, our staff will carry out the cleaning of roofs, as it required the highest quality.

Our company has a professional equipment, as employees hold permits for smooth penetration of the roof. All
Events are produced in compliance with safety regulations.

Our staff, in the case of the application is free to come to the client, make cost estimates, will talk about the nuances of the upcoming event. All of our customers can be sure that any type of roof free from snow and ice, if the cause will take professionals.

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Our winters are always accompanied by abundant precipitation and temperature shifts positive to negative. In this regard, on the roofs of buildings formed snow cover, and on the edges of gutters and roof icicles appear. All this may come down, that not only can damage the integrity of the roof, but also become a danger to people passing by, and parked cars. Of course, you can ask to remove the snow sweeper, but not having the right skills and equipment, it can turn fatal.

Our company provides professional services to clean up roofs from snow, icicles. In our company, cleaning roofs performed by experienced industrial climbers, behind which more than one year of work in this area. When working on clearing snow from roofs made compulsory fencing dangerous territory.

Our people during snow removal are not only on the roof, but on the ground, politely warn of the danger. Using our services for cleaning of roofs from snow, icicles, you can be confident that all work will be carried out promptly, efficiently and safely.