The main direction of "AlpMaster" LLC - is industrial mountaineering
. Previously, repair of facades, roofs, installation of structures was carried out with the help of technology (cranes and lifts), but today more and more alternative ways of implementation of such works are used & nbsp; Rope & nbsp; -. Term for the implementation of high-rise industrial works, using the skills and modes of transportation on the project, borrowed from the sport of mountaineering.

Guarantee on all kinds of & nbsp; work - 2 years
. For regular customers include installment payment for work up to 2 years.
When large volumes of order discounts - 10%, and more
. The minimum price of 7000 rubles.
Site visit and advice - free of charge.

Below are the cost of the work with a small amount of the order (1000 sq.m., 1000 lm, 10 pcs.) And in the absence of conditions that complicate the production of works:


For more information about the areas of activities and services carried out by our company can be found on the companys website or check with our specialists.
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Sincerely, "AlpMaster" Ltd.